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Egypt: Coptic girls seduced, kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and then sold!

30 December 2017 Articles

Egypt: Coptic girls seduced, kidnapped, forced to convert to Islam and then sold!

September 18, 2017
In Egypt, every year, several young Coptic girls are seduced, kidnapped by the Salafist group members, with the aim of converting them by force to Islam, before marrying them or selling them.

according to ‘G’, a former member of the organization, this network is at its highest level. The ex-Muslim explains that the group meets in a mosque to talk about potential victims. The houses of Christians are monitored to develop their strategy: they send one of their followers to seduce a young Christian, convince her that he wants to convert to Christianity to finally persuade her to run away with him. The victims are then forced to convert to Islam and “as soon as they reach the legal age, an Islamic representative makes the official conversion”.

Then “The victim is forced to marry a radical Muslim, who marries her only for the purpose of making her a Muslim. If she tries to escape or reconvert to her original religion, she will be killed. ”

Some girls are even sent to Saudi Arabia to serve as sex slaves.

According to an Egyptian researcher, 16-year-old Marilyn was abducted on 28 June by “a recruit from a Salafist group”. He recounts that these kidnappings are very common in Egypt but that in most cases, families prefer not to talk about it openly lest their other daughters have trouble finding a good spouse.

According to ‘G’, the kidnappers would be well paid (about $ 3,000 per girl). He adds that some police officers are involved with some of these cases. They would help forcing the girls to recite Islamic prayers. The reward is more interesting if the girl is from a priestly or popular family. Medhat Saad Edward, Marilyn’s father, reports that he filed an official complaint in 2 police stations but nothing was done even though the identity of the kidnapper is known.

Egypt’s human rights activist, Ebram Louis, points out that police forces have been too biased in the case of missing girls.

“They are afraid of jihadist groups. Some officers told the families not to look for their abducted daughters because they converted to a good religion. ”

In Upper Egypt, a Coptic priest who has been fighting for 10 years to free the victims of kidnapping claims that only 8 girls have returned, against about 15 Christians who “disappear” each year.

“As I fight for these girls, I receive threats, but I am not afraid of anyone but God”.

His daughter narrowly escaped kidnapping in 2011 when people broke into his home, but he scared them with a rifle.

According to the priest, the kidnappers target those “who have family problems … That’s why girls should find love in the house and in the church to feel less vulnerable.” Many sensitize girls to this alarming situation. A church Christian confides about this work.
“We talk openly about kidnappings … I teach girls the limits and Dos and Don’ts of relationships. ”

While this case represents a source of income for the kidnappers, ‘G’ believes that this network of “tens of thousands of members, funded by rich Muslims of Saudi Arabia”, aims to strengthen Islam and weaken Christianity in Egypt.


Source: World Watch Monitor

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