Project Voice of the Lord

This project was born in Montreal in August 2005. He was born in the era of mass media, under the breath of the Spirit mission, a quest for spirituality and interiority.

In this vein, the “Voice of the Lord” Lebanese Canadian Radio (sawt and rab) takes root. It is in fidelity to the charism and mission of the Institute: to say and bring the tenderness of God, Jesus and Mary, where we are sent.

Broadcast on the Internet, this latest initiative is to respond to a spell of poetry and harmony, a desire for solitude and prayer daily. The singing, the music has that gift to create a space of interiority, to awaken the sacred, nurturing the faith of those and those who devote time and energy.

Sister Jacqueline Abi Nassif  (Jacky Sister), Lebanese religious, spiritual daughter of Elizabeth Turgeon is the founder. She received the consent of the authority and most intensely wish that this tool, easy to access, join the yearnings of the heart and soul of any person écoutante, eager to get in touch with life: his values, his generosity, his beauty.

Sister Jacqueline can rely on the experience and expertise of two co-founders, Mr. Tony Abi Nassif and Mr. Fouad Mounsef who secondent admirably in achieving this magnificent project of education in the faith lived daily.

“Let the voice of the Lord” comes to you and produce in you the fruits of joy and peace that you seek!

Sister Ghislaine Fournier, r.s.r.

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