Product Description

To make a subscription with “Nour” magazine for children 0-7 years
magazine which is renewed eight times a year.
Subscription per year $30.00 Canadian including tax and shipping
deliver to Canada and USA and worldwide
The magazine will be delivered to your home


«Noor» Journal of religious education for children (4-7 years). Founded in 2006. Magazine, a unique of its kind in Lebanon and the Middle. Published in 8 issues per year (school year), in Arabic.

  • The objectives of the magazine:
    – Go to a slice of the children do not go to them Alleluia magazine or any other magazine.
    – All his announcement speech for the children of the adoption of simple language and storyboard drawings, …
    – A book to accompany the curriculum of Christian education.
    – give materials that help to the first awareness faith of the child’s, to teachers and parents.

The doors of the magazine:
-Bible for Children, figures from the Bible, family prayer, saints` life, Christian education for children, ….

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