Our History

Voice of the Lord in Canada is also known in French Voix du Seigneur and English Voice of the Lord Radio is a Canadian radio station broadcasts Arabic-language Christian spiritual programs. It broadcasts from Montreal, Quebec, Canada via the Internet.
It broadcasts 24 hours a day without stopping, and the majority of listeners are from Canada and the Arab world, the US and Europe, Asian and Africa and Arab communities proliferation in the world. Most of the programs are broadcasted in Arabic by using the Lebanese dialect with paragraphs of the Syrian and Egyptian dialects.
The radio is also available on Android and iPhone smartphones.

“Voice of the Lord in Canada” is managed by nun Jackie Abi Nassif, one of the nuns of the “Canadian Holy Lady of the Rosary.” the radio station is a non-profit registered in 2005 in Canada.
The supreme guide of the station is Bishop Ibrahim Ibrahim, pastor of “the Melkite Catholic Diocese in Canada.”

“Voice of the Lord” network has a variety of programs targeting Arabic speakers all over the world and particularly in Canada, through Christian spiritual programs, Catholic, Orthodox, and includes recorded and live interviews,  news, live broadcasts of Masses and religious celebrations of various Levantine Arab churches in Canada, it also includes religious hymns and spiritual songs.
It also targets some of the activities and programs of the denominations of the Christian Levantine, like Maronite and Melkite Greek Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Catholic churches, Syriac Orthodox and Syriac Assyrians, Chaldeans and communities of the Coptic Orthodox, Catholic and Armenian communities.
“Voice of the Lord in Canada” also broadcasts daily news bulletins and talk shows weekly in the Arab section of the “Vatican Radio” section of news and the “almahaba” TV in Lebanon.