Our Mission

Voice of the Lord Media Needs Your Help

Who is the Voice of the Lord Media and when was it founded?

The Voice of the Lord Media was established on the Day of the Transfiguration Feast on August 5th 2005, and in 2010 we started officially audio broadcast the activities of the Pope and all the important activities that take place in the Vatican, and in 2020 we became broadcasting it with sound and image.

Voice of the Lord is a Catholic Media Foundation broadcast. Our goal is preaching to the youth, as we present programs that pertain to kids and families.

Fifteen years ago, we noticed that the future will be for the Internet. For this reason, we founded Voice of the Lord Radio, the leading institution of Christian media on the Internet.

Through my experience in parishes and youth’s accompaniment, I recognized the importance of spreading the word of the Lord through social media. This way of spreading the Lord’s message interests the youth, who enjoy keeping up with technology. We try to get them to learn more about Christ, and we answer their inquiries using technology. By the grace of our Lord, we were able to reach the hearts of many people through our website and social media pages, such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. Our Facebook page has more than half a million followers.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic making it necessary for people stay home, we did many activities to bring people closer to God and to their habitual religious rituals. Throughout the period of social isolation, and because of the closure of churches, we decided to use our Facebook page and YouTube channel to broadcast live masses and liturgical celebrations from different countries and churches.  Everything we accomplished was because of the efforts of our volunteer team and the support and contribution of many religious and laic people. Thousands of people were able to pray through the Voice of the Lord online broadcast.

Moreover, we presented many religious talk shows in a variety of dialects, including : Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, and Jordanian. This helped us to make a miniature Middle East overseas. And soon we will have programs in French and English.

We have another program for kids called “Jesus’ Friends”; this program was launched last April and its goal is to convey the message of Christian Catechism to the kids. In this program, children shared with us videos about their daily lives, their prayers, and activities.

Throughout May, which is known as the month of honoring the Virgin Mary, Voice of the Lord Media broadcasted The Rosary Prayer 24 hours a day, for families who wanted to share with us this special prayer from their homes.

One of the most important activities for us is the Voice of the Lord festival. This is an annual summer festival that takes place in the first week of August, on Transfiguration Feast. This festival gathers many parishes in Montreal, and most of the participants are the youth. In this festival we host Christian games about the Saints’ lives and stories of Holy Bible. We also have many kids’ games and popular Middle Eastern food.

Another program is for publishing the stories of the Saints’ lives, the masterpieces of Christian faith, and how the Christian values could be lived in our daily lives and in a society that has become distant from the teachings of Christ.

Throughout all these years, the Voice of the Lord was able to attract a large crowd of believers, helping them to deepen their faith, as well as helping people of other religions to believe in Christ.

Why do we ask for your help?

We had several activities planned to finance the Media and to ensure our continuity, such as: the Easter’s lunch and our annual summer festival. However, because of Covid-19 and the ban on large gatherings, all activities have been canceled. This has caused a financial crisis for our foundation, and it may threaten its continuity and message.

Preaching Jesus Christ and His message is our duty, and in Saint Paul’s letter to Corinthians, it says, “For woe is me if I do not preach the gospel.” For this reason, we need your support and generosity to be able to continue on our way in spreading the word of the Lord.

I ask Our Lord and God, Jesus Christ, to reward you, bless you, and to protect your families. He who said, “And if anyone gives even a cup of cold water to one of these little ones who is my disciple, truly I tell you, that person will certainly not lose their reward.”