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"My sheep hear my voice,
and I know them, and they follow me."
John 10:27

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Saint Odette 1135- 1158

Saint Odette 1135- 1158
Celebrated April 20

Born into an illustrious family from Brabant in Belgium, Odette caused a sensation on her wedding day.
At a very young age, she had decided to be a nun. Her parents want to marry her off and secretly find a good match for her. On the day of the wedding, Simon the fiancé has just pronounced his Yes. The priest questions Odette three times. She answers him: Since you are trying so hard to find out if I am ready to accept this young lord as a husband, know that I will not accept him or anyone else. My love and my faith have always been committed to Jesus Christ. After this coup and the drama that ensued for the fiancé (we can think that the intrepid Odette could have gone about it in a better way).
To avoid all the other suitors attracted by her beauty, she cut off her nose and became a nun at the convent of Rivreulle in Belgian Brabant. From then on, her life was full of light and simplicity: it ended at the age of 23, in 1158. The relics of Saint Odette are kept in the chapel of the seminary of Good Hope, in Tournai in Belgium.
Of Germanic origin, the first name Odette means wealth.

From his words:
“My love and my faith are committed to Jesus Christ. I dedicated my virginity to her. Nothing and no one can separate me.”


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