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"My sheep hear my voice,
and I know them, and they follow me."
John 10:27

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Chinese Christians “back to the catacombs”


This is the reality of Chinese Christians being persecuted for refusing to deny their faith in Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
Cardinal Joseph Zen explains, “More & more, the Church is under persecution [in China]. Both the official Church, & the underground is doomed to disappear. “
“The older bishops are dying, there are less than 30 bishops left in the underground Church, and no new priests being ordained.” “But we hope that [Chinese Catholics] can keep the faith in their families — so we have to say, ‘back to the catacombs!’
“Even in the official church, the faithful are more and more controlled. On the top of the church they tell you to destroy the crosses, inside the church, they put the image of Xi Jinping—maybe not in the center, but in some place. Now they must have the flag in the church, they have to sing the national anthem.”
“People under 18 years of age are not allowed into churches, not allowed in any religious activity. Christmas is forbidden, in the whole country. Even the bible should be re-translated, according to the Communist orthodoxy. So now we see more and more control on the Church, & there is a really a universal lamentation in the whole Church.”
“Now, I cannot contact directly anybody in China – it’s too dangerous for them.”
The situation in China is serious. Churches are demolished, men and women who refuse to deny their faith in Jesus and refuse to submit to the atheistic communist party are beaten up, in prisoned, kidnapped or murdered. Cardinal Joseph Zen is the voice leading for the persecuted church in China. Thank you, Cardinal, for bringing more awareness of the situation. We must pray for the Cardinal’s intentions.
⠀Pray, pray, pray that the Holy See be more involved in getting China to stop its attack on the people. We need to pray for our brothers and sister in a Christ that are being persecuted. Pray for an increase of hope, faith, perseverance and all virtues. Also, please pray for the conversion of those in power. That they have a encounter with Christ that will change their life and stop this attack on the faithful.

St. Stephen, Martyr, pray for us!
Article source: catholic connect


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